Engineering, Metals and Mining

Engineering, Metals, Mining & OHS

Engineering & Metals

Looking for work in the engineering or metals field? Polytechnic West has the training to get you started. Our courses provide multiple avenues to employment in the fields of drafting, fitting and machining, sheet metal work and boiler making to name a few.

Polytechnic West offers a range of programs to enable those seeking a career in the industry fulfil their goals.

Located across our Carlisle, Midland and Thornlie campuses, Polytechnic West’s engineering and metals facilities are a combination of workshops housing labs using up to date computer aided design software and practical areas containing metal working equipment such as arc and oxy welding rigs, lathes and cutters.

Our lecturers are dedicated and supportive professionals who are passionate about their trade, providing high quality training that is industry relevant. Past student projects at Polytechnic West have included the production of design specifications for Rosco McGlashan’s new Aussie Invader vehicle, and also the design and production of an automated injecting system used by Royal Perth Hospital for testing quantity and speed of delivery of new medications.


Mining operations account for a lot of the business conducted in Western Australia. Polytechnic West is pleased to offer training for mining operations, as well as supervisory roles on mine sites and quality auditing.


Occupational Health and Safety (OHS) is a profession focused on protecting the safety, health and welfare of people engaged in work. OHS is a growing area of expertise within every industry. Our courses will allow you to combine your industry experience with the skills and knowledge required to develop your understanding in the area.